This restaurant taxes parents who come with their noisy children

A slightly salty note in this oyster restaurant. In Singapore, Angie’s Oyster Bar & Grill has been charging a supplement for parents with loud or rambunctious children since last September, reports Channel News Asia.

The establishment has received numerous complaints of children inconveniencing other guests and also fears of accidents. “This type of situation is dangerous vis-à-vis the servers who handle sharp utensils and often very hot food”, explains the restaurant, quoted by Le Figaro. “It’s also disrespectful to other customers who want to have a calm and peaceful time. »

An excluding measure?

The supplement imposed on parents is 10 Singaporean dollars, or about 7 euros. The measure drew heavy criticism, with many parents believing the restaurant was seeking to banish children. The establishment defended itself, arguing that it was simply seeking to “deter any self-centered attitude” and “encourage mutual respect”.

Since the implementation of this “tax”, the number of complaints concerning unruly children has reportedly dropped significantly. The restaurant specifies that it has not yet had to use this sanction once. “The vast majority of our customers accept this measure, which makes their experience in our restaurant much more pleasant,” said the managers.

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