This relative of Karan Johar had made five marriages, he wanted to make Benazir Bhutto his heroine

Veteran Bollywood director Karan Johar is not dependent on any submission. As active as he is in the movie industry, his entire family supports him. Actually Karan’s father Yash Johar was the shining star of Indian cinema but Karan Johar’s uncle IS Johar was no less than anyone. Today we are going to tell you those stories from the life of IS Johar, after knowing which one you will squeeze his fingers.

IS Johar got more headlines about his personal life than the number of debates he participated in about his movies. It tells that IS Johar had been married five times, but his luck was so bad that he had to divorce all five of his wives. Alam has been that he kept longing for love in his life.

Tell them that IS Johar, who got the title of emperor in film making, had experience in many genres. He was born during the year 1920 in the Jhelum district (now in Pakistan). Until the age of 27, he remained in Jhelum. During 1947, when the partition of the country was being discussed, IS Johar had come to Patiala to attend a wedding. During that time riots broke out and he was never able to go to Pakistan. After spending a year in Jalandhar, IS Johar came to Mumbai.

IS Johar had to fight a lot after reaching Mumbai. He first wrote stories for movies. After this, he gradually increased his contact with the filmmakers. Furthermore, he directed 12 films and produced four films himself.

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Tell them that IS Johar also had a twin brother, who looked exactly like him. Because of that brother, he too was beaten many times. At the same time, he once had to eat up the prison air. Actually that IS Johar brother had committed the crime and he was caught by the police by the same power.

Apart from movies, IS Johar was also very interested in politics. After the Indo-Pakistani War, Pakistani President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto came to India with his daughter Benazir Bhutto to make the Shimla Agreement, then IS Johar also offered Benazir Bhutto to be the heroine of his movie .

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