This photo is of a Palestinian school, which was destroyed by Israeli forces

West Bank: The occupying Israeli forces in Palestine also demolished a primary school for Palestinian children.

According to details, a photo has gone viral on social media, showing the ruins of a demolished school, with the words: “It was a school” painted on it.

According to the incident, on November 28, the occupying Israeli forces demolished the Asfay al-Fuqa school in the West Bank area of ​​Masfar Yatah, declaring it illegal, where Palestinian children were receiving education.

This incident is also part of the state’s efforts to drive the Palestinians out of the region by making life unbearable, while the international community remains a silent spectator.

After the demolition of the school, some Palestinians who protested wrote on the rubble to send a message to the world: “This was a school.”

It should be noted that the school was demolished on the so-called decision of the Israeli court, before Israel had declared the area a ‘firing zone’, Israel’s plan to evict Palestinians from their lands. is called the ‘Firing Zone’.

The court was presented with false evidence and was told that there were no Palestinians living in the area. Masfar Yata is a collection of 19 Palestinian settlements in the southern West Bank, in the Hebron Governorate of the State of Palestine.

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