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This municipality wants to pay for the electricity of its inhabitants

In current times, benefiting from free electricity is undoubtedly a dream for many French people. With the war in Ukraine and the rise in many energy prices, this initiative by a town in Sarthe, which we were told May 1, has something to dream about. Its mayor, Philippe Biaud, would like a good part of its constituents to benefit from major advantages in the event of a switch to green electricity. According to our colleagues, the municipality of Ligron has already been asked for years for the installation of wind turbines on its territory. So far, the municipality has not responded.

On the other hand, it is interested in this type of renewable energy and has looked into the issue of photovoltaic panels. Moreover, in the sector, a project of this type already exists on a waste disposal centre, so the municipal team inquired with specialists to find out what type of buildings it could install. There would be two municipal buildings concerned. But who would benefit? To all the inhabitants of course, and those who would join the association that the municipality wants to create, would no longer pay for their electricity: “The amount of the contribution will be minimal compared to the savings made”, assures Philippe Biaud.

An expensive project

According to our colleagues, a file has already been submitted, at the end of 2019, at the instigation of the municipality, which is looking for a way to allow residents to reduce their consumption costs. “It confirmed that we could do something,” says the city councilor who had launched a study. Thus, of the total energy produced, only 35% would be consumed. There is still a problem to solve, however: the financing of the project. For the time being, the town hall cannot assume alone all the costs, 100,000 euros in total. Ligron hopes that the region and the state will contribute. The mayor also assures that there will be no tax increase. Everyone seems to be a winner if the project materializes!


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