This LEGO Brick Lets You Play DOOM

the graphic engineer James Brown it’s been almost a whole year turning LEGO bricks into tiny ‘computer monitors’.

Brown’s latest invention takes this concept into the realm of memes, as created a LEGO brick that plays DOOM.

Brown’s first LEGO displays are impressive on their own. They display small images using an OLED panel and a Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller. This is painstaking work and the OLED panels used by Brown measure just 0.4 inches.

When designing these sci-fi themed electric bricks, Brown created several LEGO DOOM machines (including a LEGO clock that runs DOOM). But since none of these LEGO bricks have controllers, they’re limited to running DOOM in demo mode.

DOOM’s last brick goes one step further with capacitive buttons and gyroscope controls: You can actually play DOOM in this clunker.

The most interesting part of this project is the assembly. James Brown uploaded a video showing how these custom bricks are made, and the process is pretty ingenious.

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