Bollywood Desi girl Priyanka Chopra is very active on social media and continues to share photos with fans, but on Monday she suddenly became the center of attention when she shared her Instagram account with husband Nick Jonas) deleted the last name. This news caused fans to worry that if Priyanka has any problems in married life, is Priyanka going to split up with Nick? Meanwhile, people also remembered the prediction of Kamal R Khan (KRK) when he claimed that Nick and Priyanka would get divorced.

Actor Kamal R Khan (KRK) often remains in the headlines due to his controversial statements. In July this year, he made a similar statement about Priyanka and Nick Jonas, which generated a lot of uproar. KRK took to her Twitter account and tweeted that “Priyanka and Nick Jonas will be divorced in 10 years.” After this KRK tweet, Priyanka’s fans posted a class on their social media. Many people misled her by saying that “after marriage, the couple is blessed to live happily together and not a badass like you”, while some people advised them to stay within their limits.

However, Priyanka Chopra’s mother has called all these divorce things a rumor and has asked people not to spread false news. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas always hit powerful tag team goals. The chemistry between them can be clearly seen on social media. Whether it’s Priyanka or Nick, they leave no chance for their partner to feel special. At the same time, fans are now questioning Priyanka Chopra why she has removed the last name Jonas from her first name.



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