This is your last chance! Play along and have a chance to win NFT crypto stamps from PostNL

We have arrived at the very last round of PostNL’s ‘Crypto Chase’. If you play along, you have a chance to get guaranteed unique NFT crypto stamps. We have already completed three rounds and today the very last round starts! Who knows, you may soon become the owner of a unique ‘NL crypto stamp’.

PostNL ‘NL crypto stamp’

The NL crypto stamp is a stamp in non-fungible token (NFT) form. You can use them as traditional stamps, keep them until the end of time and you can even trade them on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain. So something for everyone.

NFT crypto stamps proved extremely popular in comparable campaigns abroad. These unique crypto stamps were sold out in no time. For that reason, PostNL, in collaboration with Crypto Insiders, has devised a way to give people a chance to whitelist to come. In that case, a NL crypto stamp will be reserved for you.

You get on that whitelist by playing in the Crypto Chase. This is a four-part riddle in which you have to guess which animal will appear on each PostNL NFT crypto stamp.

This is already the last round of the riddle. If you only turn on now, you can here still read in the PostNL Crypto Chase.

Then comes the very last last hint!

Royal PTT Netherlands NV

Until 1998 KPN was called ‘Koninklijke PTT Nederland NV’ and before that ‘Staatsbedrijf der Posterijen, Telegraaf en Telefonie’ (abbreviated to PTT) and until the split-off of TNT Post in 1998 it also contained the national postal company. So originally also the company of the stamps. But which animals could KPN have come into contact with?

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Image 1: The Final Hint in the Crypto Chase

👉õ Join the Crypto Chase and enter your answer here!

The launch is getting closer, the end signal is approaching

That was it then. After four rounds, the Crypto Chase has come to an end on this one. Hopefully you will have an idea of ​​the correct answer after making the connection between all four hints.

In that case, make sure that you still pass on your answer to PostNL. In just a few days, September 2nd to be exact, the correct answer will be announced and the launch of the NL crypto stamp will also start.

Read here more information about the NL crypto stamp.

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