This is why this Quote-500 millionaire invests in Finst

The brand new crypto exchange opened earlier this year Finnish its doors in Amsterdam. It was founded by a team of experienced people who were partly responsible for the success of trading platform DeGiro. Finst’s ambition, like DeGiro’s, is enormous. The CEO of Finst, Julien Vallet, indicated that he wants to be the largest crypto exchange in all of Europe within five years.

Finst currently invites people to use the platform completely free of charge, because you pay for the first one €5,000 no trading fees.

Finst is making waves

Finst recently held an investment round and it was unsurprisingly hugely successful. In total there was raised $4 million and some important strategic partnerships were even signed, including one with crypto derivatives exchange Deribit.

Another person who was interested in investing in the fast-growing crypto exchange was Eelko van Kooten, multimillionaire, member of the illustrious Quote 500 and CEO of the music label Spinnin’ Records.

Gijs Nagel convinced him of Finst’s potential. Nagel was also one of the top men at DeGiro and one of the initiators at Finst. Van Kooten states that he soon saw clearly that Finst indeed has enormous potential to grow and eventually conquer Europe, Van Kooten reports in an interview with Quote.

“The people behind Finst have proven themselves in the recent past. And new products are coming that will be groundbreaking, but I can’t say anything about that yet”

The banking crisis plays into the hands of crypto

For van Kooten, confidence in Finst also translates into confidence in the crypto market as a whole. The recent turmoil in the banking world in particular has fueled this flame. According to van Kooten it could well be that cryptocurrencies sooner or later will really be widely accepted as a means of payment.

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Van Kooten mentioned that certain new and groundbreaking products will be introduced at Finst. Finst launched at least one of those products last week: the so-called ‘Crypto Bundles‘. With this, investors can buy a whole collection of cryptocurrencies at Finst with the push of a button. A bit like ETFs in the stock market.

Are you interested in Finst, just like Eelko van Kooten, and would you like to try out Finst yourself? Then you can here create an account for free! Users who sign up now can trade $5,000 at absolutely no cost!

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