This is why investing in crypto right now is interesting!

Most people will have noticed that the prices of most cryptocurrencies are currently deep in the red. Since the peak of bitcoin (BTC) a serious downward trend started at the end of last year and many investors are very concerned for this reason. Are those concerns justified? Despite the fact that the prices are not in good shape, there are many reasons why now is an excellent opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Volatile Market

It is of course no secret that the crypto market can be extremely volatile. One week everything is in the green and a week later everything is down again in double digits. Even in the longer term, violent fluctuations in the price are not exactly an exception. However, crypto investors, especially beginners, would do well to realize that the price of a cryptocurrency does not tell the whole story.

Fundamentally, nothing changes for a cryptocurrency if the price suddenly drops. Behind the scenes, the Bitcoin network still works the same way it did in 2021. If you believe in the Bitcoin project, there really shouldn’t be any reason to suddenly be put off by a deplorable price. On the contrary, that is actually an excellent opportunity to strike.

avoids risk

New investors often start buying cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum (ETH) when prices are very high. This is the moment when the hype is great and crypto currencies are talked about everywhere in the media. However, due to the volatile market, this can turn out to be quite wrong in practice.

This is because investing when the price of cryptocurrencies is high simply carries more risk. When bitcoin traded above $60,000, many investors were in euphoria, but at the time the risk of a serious downward movement was also relatively high. We now also know that since then the bitcoin price nearly 50% has plummeted.

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Bitcoin is currently trading for less than $40,000. Taking the risk of an investment at this price point compared to a price point near a all time high is many times lower. Should bitcoin fall further, which of course cannot be ruled out, the pain for an investor will be a lot less. That’s why, as contradictory as it may feel, investing is an interesting choice right now.

Blockchain Traders Growth Fund

An excellent way to actually invest in cryptocurrencies at the moment is it Growth Fund by BlockchainTraders† BlockchainTraders is a Dutch investment fund that offers investors the opportunity to achieve impressive returns, without actually needing knowledge about the crypto industry.

The fund mainly invests in the 20 largest cryptocurrencies and in this way you can take full advantage of the gigantic growth of the crypto market. In addition, these cryptos are also used for staking and trading trading bot with advanced algorithms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because the fund uses different investment techniques, the fund will grow with the cryptocurrency market while mitigating risks.

The BlockchainTraders Growth Fund has delivered historically proven returns that are nothing short of impressive. Last year there was even a return of more than 200%! Many other investment funds can benefit from that.

For more information about BlockchainTraders and their Growth Fund you can check out the company page from BlockchainTraders and the review here on Crypto Insiders.

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