Home Entertainment This is what the authorities found in Raphy Pina’s “hidden room”

This is what the authorities found in Raphy Pina’s “hidden room”

The federal authorities of Puerto Rico revealed images of what they found in the “hidden room” of producer and artist manager Raphy Pina Nieves. These photographs show two firearms, ammunition and dollars.

The images had been presented during the trial last month in Federal Court but had not been shown to the public outside the courtroom of Judge Francisco Besosa.

El Nuevo Día publishes that, the photos are within a presentation in “Power Point” of the federal prosecutor’s office that the defense of the producer requested that it be placed in the case file.

The disclosure by the Prosecutor’s Office was made at the request of the defense of the music producer with the purpose that the presentation be added to the final arguments of the case file.

The defense motion states that it was an “error in law” that the statement of a lawyer for Pina Nieves was allowed to be presented during the trial as “proof of conscience of guilt” of the accused, indicates the Puerto Rican media.

According to the prosecution, in a previous motion, a lawyer for Pina Nieves stated: “Just the fact that the Public Ministry knew that the defendant was resigned to the fact that he would have to spend time in prison is a tremendous advantage to have in a negotiation of allegation of guilt ”.

On December 22, a jury found Dominican Natti Natasha’s fiancé guilty on charges of possessing firearms while he had a prior federal conviction for mortgage fraud.

The sentencing hearing was scheduled for April 1. Pina Nieves faces 20 years in prison, 10 for each count.


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