No Salman Khan movie was released this Eid, so his fans were very disappointed. Dabang Khan’s next movie is ‘Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali’ and ‘Tiger 3’ which will be released this year. But another great news is coming for his fans. Salman has started filming his other big movie. Although he hasn’t revealed the title of this movie, but with the start of filming for the movie, he has definitely revealed what he looks like.

Salman Khan shared this look on Instagram as he started filming his new movie. This new look of the actor is going fiercely viral on social networks. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify Salman in this. He is seen with long hair, black shadows on his eyes, and an iron bar in his hand. Seeing this look of anger from Salman Khan, fans are speculating that the actor’s tremendous action avatar will be seen in the new film.

After seeing this look, Salman Khan fans are eagerly awaiting the movie’s title and star cast. Salman was seen in the movie ‘Antim’ in 2021. This movie was released on OTT and the public didn’t like it very much, now Salman fans are waiting for the best movie with the strong role of him.

Apart from ‘Kabhi Kabhi Diwali’, Salman Khan will be seen in ‘Tiger 3’. At the same time, his cameo will also be seen in Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’ and in Telugu ‘God Father’. ‘God Father’ is his first film in Telugu.


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