This is what Pierre van Hooijdonk’s net worth and worst investment looks like

Pierre van Hooijdonk has made some headlines with his recent controversial statements. However, the news reports about the former Dutch national team footballer have been much more positive in the past. He has therefore made a lot of money with his victories and investments.

Pierre van Hooijdonk’s Salary and Net Worth

When the top footballer played for Feyenoord later in his career, he earned according to Football International about fifteen million guilders in three years. That is about 2.7 million euros per year. After Feyenoord, “Pi-air” moved to the Turkish club Fenerbahçe, where he earned around 2 million guilders net in one year.

Van Hooijdonk also played for Portuguese club Benfica a few years earlier in his career. There he earned about 4.7 million guilders annually. That’s the equivalent of around 2.13 million euros a year. After his football career, Van Hooijdonk used his knowledge of the sport to start a career as an analyst at Studio Voetbal. It is not known how much he earns there, but it is estimated at more than six-digit amounts per year.

Pierre van Hooijdonk’s net worth is estimated at around €18 million. He collected most of this during his time as a professional footballer, but his television career has also helped. In addition, Van Hooijdonk has made a number of profitable investments. However, that also went wrong once: he lost around 250,000 euros by investing in a non-existent Chinese company.

Does “Pi-air” also own crypto?

It is not known if Pierre van Hooijdonk owns coins like bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The former professional soccer player has reportedly only invested in companies and stayed out of the crypto space. He owns a sleek Range Rover after partnering with car manufacturer Knook.

The analyst recently made headlines after accusing the current Ajax boss of corruption. According to him, coach Maurice Steijn would have done business under the table. Steijn would have done that when he was still working at NAC three years ago. However, Van Hooijdonk now seems to be coming back to it. In an apology At the NOS he said the following:

“I have no evidence for my comment and therefore I should not have made that comment. I take back what I said about Maurice and apologize to him.”

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