This is what Max Verstappen’s net worth and investment portfolio looks like

In recent years, Max Verstappen has become perhaps the most famous Formula 1 driver in the world. He single-handedly revived the sport in the Netherlands. Also this season, his competitors on the track have no chance. But what kind of wealth comes with such a status?

Max Verstappen’s power

To get straight to the point: Max earns about 50 million euros a year. His contract runs until 2028, so he is still good for the time being. At the age of 16 (he is now 25) he was already raking in a modest 4.5 million euros a year. This amount has increased in recent years to the current 50 million euros per year.

This is a lot of money to put it mildly. However, Max is not yet in the top 10 highest paid athletes per year. He has to let greats such as football player Lionel Messi, basketball player Lebron James and boxer Canelo Alvarez go for him. In addition to a salary, Max also has substantial income from sponsorship deals. His exact power cannot therefore be determined exactly, but is estimated between the 180 and 190 million euros.

Does Max have bitcoin and/or crypto?

It might also be interesting to know where Max invests that money and does that happen to include crypto? With the current inflation, Verstappen also realizes that he can invest his money better than putting it in the bank account. So has he according to Forbes including five real estate assets. He also has a stock portfolio with twelve different stocks. Max owns shares in IBM, Amazon, Apple, Visa, Netflix and 3M, among others.

Fortunately, Max has enough money to also buy nice toys. He has a nice car collection, including a Bugatti Chiron worth 3 million euros. He also owns a luxury yacht, but unfortunately no crypto portfolio. Or Max must secretly have a wallet with bitcoin (BTC) lying around without disclosing it. It just might.

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