This is what happens when you drink warm lemon water every morning.

Consider drinking warm lemon water to feel refreshed when you wake up. The tart taste of lemon can make you more alert, while warm water improves digestion. In ancient Chinese and Indian medicine, drinking a glass of warm water in the morning is said to cleanse the digestive tract. In addition, it improves breathing by clearing congestion and mucus from the respiratory system.

Getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night creates certain conditions for the accumulation of mucus. Especially during allergy and cold seasons, you may feel stuffy and muggy in the morning. But drinking warm lemon water breaks up mucus and thick phlegm like hot soup. The studies They even found that cold water aggravates nasal congestion and thickens mucus, making breathing difficult.

Warm water may seem unpleasant, but it offers numerous benefits for the health of the mind and body. It relaxes the nervous system as your body won’t have to work as hard to heat the water. In addition, digestive and circulatory functions improve because warm water expands blood vessels, allowing more oxygen to enter the body.

As you can see, drinking warm lemon water can improve your health in many ways. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this revitalizing drink.

This is why you should drink warm lemon water every morning.

1. You’ll get a powerful dose of antioxidants

Lemons contain natural compounds called phytonutrients that help fight disease and improve health. They have potent antioxidant properties that inhibit oxidation, which leads to cell damage and deterioration. The most common antioxidants in lemons include flavonoids, polyphenols, limonoids, quercetin and kaempferol. The studies show that consuming lemons daily can improve gut bacteria and even delay the effects of aging.

2. Warm lemon water can prevent kidney stones

Drinking lemon water every day can also prevent kidney stones as it contains a high citric acid content. Many people who develop kidney stones are deficient in urinary citrate, a type of citric acid. Additionally, staying adequately hydrated can flush out toxins and improve kidney function.

However, if you are deficient in citric acid, you may need large amounts of lemon to improve your levels. The National Kidney Foundation recommends combining 4 ounces of lemon juice concentrate with a glass of water for kidney stone prevention and other measures.

3. Lemons have high levels of vitamin C

Lemons have some of the highest levels of vitamin C of any fruit. The juice of a 48 gram lemon squeezed in water contains about 19 mg, or 21% of the Daily Value (DV). Vitamin C helps fight free radical damage, aids in iron absorption, and even lowers blood pressure. This essential vitamin also boosts your immune system, which is why doctors recommend it when you have a cold or the flu. Lastly, because vitamin C is an antioxidant, it can reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, which helps improve overall health.

However, it is best to supplement the vitamin C in lemon water with other sources in your regular diet. Other foods rich in this vitamin include oranges, grapefruits, bell peppers, strawberries and tomatoes.

4. Warm lemon water can help prevent migraines

You should drink warm lemon water if you suffer from frequent headaches and migraines. A 2001 study found that cold water can exacerbate migraines in people who already experience them. Therefore, drinking warm water can relieve headaches and other painful migraine symptoms.

Some experts believe that the anti-inflammatory properties of lemon can ease tension in the body and therefore relieve headaches. What is more, the studies show that lemon can help regulate emotions and stabilize mood, which can have a positive impact on migraines.

5. Lemon water can help digestion and relieve constipation

As we said earlier, warm lemon water can help digestion and eliminate constipation, especially in the morning. Many people today have digestive issues, but drinking lemon water activates the intestinal muscles and promotes healthy bowel movements.

The studies show that the citric acid in lemons increases gastric acid, which helps break down food and promotes digestion. Additionally, lemons contain a type of soluble fiber called pectin, which improves gut bacteria and helps stabilize blood sugar.

The combination of better gut health and better digestion makes lemons a powerful ingredient to add to your diet.

6. Improves hydration and reduces cravings for sugary drinks

Of course, both hot and cold water can improve hydration levels. However, some people don’t like the taste of plain water, so adding lemon juice can help increase your water intake. Additionally, adding an artificial sweetener to water, such as stevia or monk fruit, can eliminate sugar cravings. Many people opt for coffee in the morning, but sugary creamers can make a cup of coffee unhealthy. So, it is better to drink lemon water to feel alert and refreshed upon waking up.

7. Drinking lemon water helps eliminate toxins

Finally, warm lemon water can help your body detoxify, improving kidney function and thinning waste in the blood. Additionally, warm water stimulates the digestive system, allowing your body to eliminate waste quickly. Many forget that water is one of the most powerful and simple ways to detoxify the body.

But maintaining adequate hydration in our fast-paced world is often difficult. If you need help meeting your daily water recommendations, try bringing a reusable bottle to work or school. You can fill it up throughout the day and make sure you get enough water.

Final thoughts on the reasons to drink warm water with lemon

Do you drink warm water with lemon every morning when you wake up? If not, consider adding it to your daily health routine. You will notice better energy levels, better digestion and even kidney function when drinking lemon water. Plus, it can help curb sugar cravings, detoxify your body and blood, and prevent migraines. Finally, lemons have high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, which will help your body eliminate toxins more efficiently.

You can squeeze fresh lemons or use lemon juice concentrate to make this refreshing drink. Hopefully, you’ll notice an improvement in your health and energy levels in no time!


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