This is what happened in the RDT case between Espanyol and Rayo

The name of Thomas Raul It was one of the most important on the last day of the transfer market. The Spanish striker wanted to leave the RCD Espanyol to play in a more important club and because of his bad relationship with Diego Martínez, who does not have him so he asked for the additions of Joselu and Martin Braithwaite.

The Vallecano Ray It was the main option to sign Raúl de Tomás on the last market day, but the situation has become significantly complicated to the point that it could not happen. Here we tell you what happened:

This is what happened in the RDT case between Espanyol and Rayo

Rayo Vallecano already had an agreement with Raúl de Tomás at the contractual level, to the point that he had agreed to receive less money at the salary level. It was only necessary for both clubs to reach an agreement to be able to present the papers to LaLiga.

The capital team wanted to sign the striker for 10 million euros. Espanyol considered that the offer was not serious and they were not interested in accepting the proposal. Given this situation, Rayo Vallecano would have leaked that Espanyol had not passed the documentation well before LaLiga and the signing has not been made, according to the Chiringuito de Jugones.

But, on the other hand, the same source confirmed that the president of Rayo Vallecano only tried to sign Raúl de Tomás, although he knew that the offer was not going to be accepted, because his real intention is to sign Diego Costa as a free agent.

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