Home Entertainment This is what Allah Chaza charges per party in the United States

This is what Allah Chaza charges per party in the United States

Esto es lo que cobra Alá Jazá por fiesta en Estados Unidos

The merenguero Emmanuel Jiménez known in music as “Alá Jazá” continues with his tour of the United States, and the Dominican, who has had more than 50 artistic presentations, has been quoted at a price of 35 thousand dollars per shows, as indicated your work team.

The creator of the “Mamwali”, who has taken his shows to cities such as: Houston, Dallas, Irving, New Orleans, Cleveland, Cincinnati, New York, Philadephia, New Jersey, Orlando, Miami, has made great strides in his musical career with his most recent tour “USA Tour 2021”.

“It has been a very fruitful tour. We are playing more than 50 parties, and the tour has even expanded because people are in merengue, and that fills us with great satisfaction, “said Alá Jazá in a press release.

The activities of the interpreter, who at the moment promotes the theme ‘The bad guy’, has spread to the south, east and west coast of the American Union and even to places where the merengue has not penetrated and where the fans have shown him the great affection he feels for this one.

Alá Jazá, a native of Jarabacoa, also performed at the Prudential Center in New Jersey with a capacity for about 20 thousand people where he shared the stage with the artists: Ozuna, Wisin, Jay Wheeler, Myke Towers, Cazzu and Chesca in an event produced by the radio station "Uforia La X Live".


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