This is what a €1,000 investment in Tesla in January would have gotten you now

2023 will be a good year for investors. Not only Bitcoin (BTC) and the majority of the crypto market have risen sharply, many stocks have also performed impressively in the last twelve months. If you had invested $1,000 in Tesla (TSLA) on the first traditional trading day of the year, how much would it have been worth today?

In addition to crypto, the eToro trading platform also offers users the opportunity to trade stocks such as Tesla. With just a few clicks you can create an account and explore the platform.

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137% return

On the first trading day of the year (January 3), you could become a Tesla shareholder with an investment of $108.10. At the time of writing, Tesla’s share price has risen to $256.61. This corresponds to a share price increase of 137.38 percent.

This means that if you had decided to invest 1,000 euros in Elon Musk’s company on January 3rd, it would now be worth 1,373.80 euros. The total profit is therefore 373.80 euros.

Tesla shares boomed, especially in the first half of the year. The annual peak was reached in July. More specifically, the price reached its all-time high of $293.34 on July 18th. Compared to the year’s opening price of $108.10, this corresponds to a price increase of 171.36 percent.

Tesla vs. BTC: Trade Both on eToro

Tesla’s market capitalization has been somewhat comparable to that of Bitcoin for several years. According to Companies Market Cap, Bitcoin is currently just one place ahead of Tesla in the ranking of the largest global assets.

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Bitcoin is ranked 10th with a total market capitalization of $830 billion, while Tesla is ranked 11th with around $790 billion. The two assets were also neck and neck at the beginning of the year, but at that point Tesla actually had a small lead.

Bitcoin’s catch-up process logically means that the decentralized asset has a higher annual return than Tesla for now. The Bitcoin price is currently 149.97 percent higher than it was on January 1st.

Overall, both assets have skyrocketed this year. eToro users have the flexibility to include both Bitcoin and Tesla in their investment portfolios. Would you also like to build a diversified portfolio with different asset classes? You can use this link to create an account for free and get started right away.

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