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“This is the world of idiots… If you have courage, then come forward and talk…”, Sunny Deol angry

Sunny Deol has been very busy promoting his upcoming movie Gadar 2 these days. The enthusiasm for Sunny Deol’s film has increased significantly. At the same time, patriotic feelings have also been awakened in the minds of fans towards Sunny Deol’s film, which is coming to cinemas for a special occasion. Let me tell you, the film will be out on August 11th. In such a situation, Sunny Deol dominates social media.

In the age of social media, trolls say what they want to say. In such a situation, Sunny Deol says that he is not afraid of these trolls at all. Sunny Deol recently told in an interview how he deals with trolls. According to Aaj Tak, Sunny Deol said, “I’m not afraid of trolling.” It’s not faces, it’s smart people writing. Well, people are there, they don’t have jobs, so they write. In this world of idiots, people fool each other… Technology has both advantages and disadvantages. Some people always miss the use. I’ve been trolled so I’ve stopped commenting. If anyone has the courage, step up and speak up.

Fans definitely love Sunny Deol, be it from India or Pakistan. Yes, Sunny is no less loved by Pakistani fans. Even when the first part of “Gadar” came out, it was said that the Pakistanis didn’t like Sunny’s film. But that’s not true. That’s also where the fans of Sunny Deol sit. Sunny said in the same interview, “It’s not the real public atmosphere.” When I travel to Pakistan, I meet fans. They hug. In the past, when I said something, people took it out of context.

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