Home Business This is the wealth of the richest beggar in the world

This is the wealth of the richest beggar in the world

This is the wealth of the richest beggar in the world

When moving through the city streets, one often hears a slogan: ‘Do you have one euro left for me?’ It often leads to dilemmas. Do you give money or not? However, there is no need to worry if they come across the world’s most successful beggar on the streets of Mumbai, India.

The richest beggar in the world comes from India

According to the Financial Express Indian Bharat Jain is known as the richest beggar in the world. He has made an art of winning the sympathy of passers-by. He has begged over $792,000 over the years. And if it continues at its current pace, hitting the million mark won’t be long. He doesn’t have to pay taxes on that million, but we recently wrote about how much you’re left with if you pay taxes.

In addition to the income from almsgiving, the man has two commercial properties in India which he rents out. That brings him about $322 a month. The income from the begging and the rent goes to his shelter and the two children. The position of him is around 12 million rupees according to Indian media (130,000 Anduuro) it is worth and consists of a two bedroom apartment.

Jain continues to beg despite family criticism

His family wishes he would stop begging, but Jain himself doesn’t seem to mind. As long as he provides him with an income and he can make ends meet, he will continue. Jain grew up in poverty and thus started begging early in his life. He is said to have received little or no education, which probably also demotivates him to seek his happiness elsewhere.

The world’s richest beggar is found in Mumbai’s Indian business district, Nariman Point. You have the best chance of meeting him around the two tall towers. You also have a chance to meet him around Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station and Azad Maidan Sports Ground. However, now you have enough information to know that you don’t have to take your wallet out with him.

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