Finding a truly small smartphone is a rarity. Also because the concept of “small” of some manufacturers is very different from what it was a few years ago. One of the great exceptions in recent years is the 5.4-inch iPhone 13 mini.

Cubot Pocket will hit the market with just 4 inches

But what if we could have a smaller smartphone, by the standards of a few years ago? This is what is promised in the new bucket pocketa smartphone that reaches the market with just 4 inches.

bucket pocket

The smartphone will hit the market during the month of May, and the Chinese manufacturer has already shared some official images of the device. The brand announces it as a small device, ideal to carry in your pocket.

The truth is that the needs of most users require screens with increasingly larger dimensions. This is because the smartphone has become for many an essential object to consume video or play games. But there remains an audience for small teams.

The new Cubot Pocket will be able to fit into small pockets with no problem, and the same can be said for small bags. The specifications of the terminal are not yet known, but what is certain is that it will have NFC to make payments.

bucket pocket

In the revealed images, Cubot shows it with different colors, aimed at the female and male audience. It features a rugged rear design with a single camera, but the front design is not yet known.

Stay tuned for this global release, coming soon. There we can draw conclusions about a possible bet on a 4-inch smartphone in 2022.


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