This is the mobile rate of the year in Portugal

During 2021, a new fully digital operator emerged. It’s called Woo, and although it belongs to NOS, it stands out for working without complications and completely online through the Woo app.

Now it received the consumers’ award, being chosen Product of the Year in the ‘Tailored Rates’ category. It is the “first 100% digital, simple and transparent telco that responds to the needs of customers with a network that never hangs up, without loyalty and real-time assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

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It describes itself as the first telco “to address the main concerns of customers in the telecommunications sector”. And even when data runs out, customers can surf at up to 64 kbps.

Another important detail is that their rates do not have loyalty, and they offer the first month free and “no surprises on the bill”. The client will only pay for what they use, being able to do so with Visa, MasterCard, Multibanca, MBWay or PayPal.

The base rate offers 1 GB of mobile data and 1,000 minutes or SMS for €10 per month. For €15 per month, you get 1,000 minutes or SMS and 6 GB of mobile data. When the price goes up to €20 per month, you have access to 15GB of data and 2000 minutes or SMS. The most expensive rate has 5,000 minutes or SMS, 25 GB of mobile data and 5G for €30 per month. Everyone gets the aforementioned 1st month free.

How to join Woo fares:

Adheres without loss of time and without complications. Install the App and request the free card in just 3 minutes. It is then mailed. And if you want, you can keep your number for free. Application available for iPhone or android.

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