This is the last license plate assigned by the DGT

It was in September 1900 when, by first time in Spaina regulation forced enroll the cars. “In fact, the October 31, 1900 The first vehicle in Spain was registered in the Balearic Islands, a Clement with a two-horsepower Dion Bouton engine weighing 130 kilos”, they explain from the DGT.

More than a hundred years later, and for simple curiosityor to know which one may correspond in case of buying a new car, know what is the last registration awarded in Spain is a constant question among many motorists.

There are millions of vehicles (taxis, cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, etc.) that circulate in Spain and each of them registers its respective license plate.

New car license plates in Spain

It should be noted that since September 2000, enrollment consists of four numbers and three letters. In addition, on the left side, there is the European flag, its stars and the letter E (from Spain). With this, you can perform 80 million combinations different, which allows them to pass 40 years without repeating any registration.

This model was adopted, among other reasons, to promote the european integration or promote the sale of second-hand cars between provinces, since it is they eliminated the provincial insignia.

you come from September 2, 2022, Newly registered vehicles in Spain already shine the letter M, after three years in which they have started with the L The first plates debuted the combination MBB, which is the first possible not include vowels in the formula applied at the beginning of the century.

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Last DGT registration

According to the data of the site Diesel or Gasolinethe last license plate assigned in Spain, with data from Friday February 10, is 01** MDW. Now, if it is about official records, the DGT points this out (Thursday, February 9): “The letters from the series last license plate assigned are: MDW”.

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