This is the gigantic price increase of NFT stamps

You may have already been told that PostNL will soon enter the world of crypto and crypto with both feet non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is going to step in. The company will release NFT crypto stamps this fall. But why is this so interesting for crypto investors? In other countries it appears that the prices of comparable NFT stamps have risen enormously.

Austrian NFT Stamps

Austria’s national postal service, the Österreichische Post, has already put NFT crypto stamps on sale before. This turned out to be a resounding success. Not only was every series sold out in no time, the prices of these crypto stamps also soared soon after the launch.

On the NFT marketplace It is easy to see that selling NFT crypto stamps can be a lucrative business. On the first day of release, June 12, 2019, the average selling price of Austria’s NFT crypto stamps was 0.04 ETH, or about $75.

However, within days, the average selling price on OpenSea rose significantly. At times, this average selling price has even surpassed 1 ETH, which is around $1,800 today. That is a return of about 2,400%! Especially the rare NFT crypto stamps did very well in terms of price.

Swiss Post

The Swiss Post has also issued NFT crypto stamps in the past. Here we actually see the same as with the Austrian crypto stamps. Some stamps are still sold on OpenSea today at prices that are at least twice as high as on the day of launch.

What is the NL Crypto Stamp?

PostNL’s NFT crypto stamp will probably not differ much from the collections of crypto stamps from other countries. Because PostNL also cooperates with the Österreichische Post for the issuance of the NL Crypto Stamp, they are of course also very similar fundamentally.

Do you see an opportunity, or do you simply want to own a unique collector’s item? Then keep a close eye on Crypto Insiders. On Tuesday, a new hint will appear here for the Crypto Chase riddle from PostNL. If you know the answer to the riddle, you have a chance to win the whitelist to get guaranteed an NFT crypto stamp.

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For more information about the NL Crypto Stamp you can: here click

You may have already been told that PostNL will soon enter the world of crypto and crypto with both feet non-fungible tokens (NFT) is going to step in. The company will release NFT stamps this fall. However, there is a problem; the edition is very limited, and the interest is likely to be sky high.

PostNL ‘Crypto Chase’

For that reason, PostNL, in collaboration with Crypto Insiders, has devised a way to guarantee interested parties that they will not be left out during the sale of the NL Crypto Stamps. By participating in solving a riddle, the Crypto Chase, you have a chance to win the digital seal.

Every week PostNL gives a hint about the animal that will be featured on the NL Crypto Stamps. In the meantime, we’ve already finished the first hint and if you missed it, you can here still check the hint. A total of four hints will appear, which means we can expect three more. The next hint will appear on Crypto Insiders on Monday. So keep an eye on the website!

If you soon, or perhaps even now, know which animal is meant in the hints, you have a chance to win the whitelist for the sale of the NFT crypto stamps. This means that a unique NFT stamp is reserved for you.

On September 2, it will be announced what the answer to the riddle should have been. On that day, the pre sale officially launched.

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