Home Business This is outgoing Prime Minister Rutte’s net worth

This is outgoing Prime Minister Rutte’s net worth

This is outgoing Prime Minister Rutte's net worth

Prime Minister Rutte bids farewell to his position as head of cabinet in our small country. And although Rutte all the timestayed that simple‘, he still made a decent amount of money.

Outgoing Prime Minister Rutte’s net worth and salary

Mark Rutte has decided not continue as prime minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This decision came after the fall of the Rutte IV cabinet, which was formed in early 2022. With his departure, Mark “Teflon” Rutte has been prime minister for almost 13 years and political leader of the VVD for 17 years.

We recently wrote what Mark Rutte leaves as a salary for those interested who see themselves in politics. But despite his decent salary, around €186,414 a year, we’ve never seen him drive a nice car. One of the most powerful men in the Netherlands still chooses to get from A to B on his steel steed.

Apart from a nice car, Rutte has nice capital. There were rumors that he would own a seven-ton penthouse, but this was exposed by himself. Overall, the outgoing head of government has assets of more than 2 million euros.

In the shadow of the richest in the Netherlands

Despite his considerable wealth, the prime minister is far overshadowed by the wealthiest in the Netherlands. One of those wealthy people that we recently took a closer look at is driver Max Verstappen. The young mega-talent who single-handedly led the Netherlands back into the Formula 1 world has much more to offer than the head of government of our small country.

Overall it will be the ability of “Super Max” estimated at over 200 million euros, a hundred more than Rutte. The 25-year-old earns around 58 million euros a year. He does not have to refute rumors that Verstappen owns a large penthouse: Max has been living in an apartment of millions in sunny Monaco for some time.

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