This is Kim Jong Un’s mysterious and intimidating bunker train as he travels to Russia

North Korea announced this on Monday North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will travel to Russia “soon” to meet with his Russian counterpart, Wladimir Putin. The President will do so in the mysterious wartime bunker train designed for his travels. An armored vehicle used by rulers to travel abroad, it is as luxurious as it is intimidating.

For a leader, Air travel is typically the most common means of travel around the world, whether for official visits or meetings with other leaders. However, experts say that Kim Jong-un’s decision to travel on this war train was related to the fact that his father, Kim Jong-il, and grandfather, Kim Il-sung, were afraid of traveling by plane and “they had that also.” Afraid of him.” His first international trip was by plane, but the North Korean leader has revealed that traveling by train is more convenient for him. In addition, the father of the current ruler of North Korea already used it on his last trips.

The war train with which Kim Jong Un is traveling: With this armored vehicle he will visit Putin in Russia

And it’s a completely converted luxury train that looks like a five-star hotel inside. From the outside it is olive green and has a yellow stripe reminiscent of a bunker. Inside, it features meeting rooms, tinted windows, flat-screen TVs, laptops, bedrooms and soft pink sofas.

What little is known about this “mysterious and private train” comes from former intelligence officials and archival material. It is known that there are three convoys. One of them is advanced, the security system, whose function is to search for bombs and other threats in the train stations. He was followed by the leader’s car with his entourage and finally an additional guard car that had enough supplies for long journeys.

The train is armored so that its maximum speed does not exceed sixty kilometers per hour and, according to experts, this means of transport also includes other armored vehicles or small helicopters.

This is not the first time that Kim Jong Un has used this armored train. In 2019, the train was used to meet Donald Trum in Nanning, China City. The transport traveled a route that crossed several cities, including Beijing.

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