This is how we experienced the final of Red Bull Batalla 2023

In front of a completely full and euphoric Movistar ArenaChuty30 years old, looked straight in the eyes Fat N17, who reached the final Red Bull Battle 2023 almost by fate, after that Carpe Diemthe representative of Colombia, will withdraw from the competition days before the final.

The fight that would define best freestyler of the world’s Spanish speakers reflected what was being talked about in the hallways days before the event: Is a generational change imminent in the freestyle competition scene?

“There are a lot of people here who thought that I wouldn’t do anything, that they didn’t trust my entries, but now I’m in a dream final and Chuty is not as big as I thought,” began Fat N final fight between Colombia and Spain .

«Do you remember what happened in 2019? I arrived as a reserve and left as a champion« the Colombian rhymed in front of an audience that almost immediately gave in to his charisma.

But local rap, great flow, charisma and style weren’t enough to topple Chuty, who sounded like a favorite of many even before the finale began.

However, the Spaniard recognized the talent of Fat N both on and off stage, but he also complained on stage about his lack of experience:

“It wasn’t a disappointment, they thought it was going to fall by the wayside, brother (…) Marithea, Ballesta and Carpe did it and now you want the belt, man.” You want to harvest a field that you haven’t harvested yet«Chuty released.

At the end of an intense exchange between the legend and the debutant, Chuty emerged as champion Red Bull Battle 2023 by unanimous decision of the judges at the Movistar Arena.

In his speech, he praised the Colombian audience for their energy: “I swear I’ve never seen an audience like this in my entire life.said Chuty as he accepted the recognition from the judges.

Aczino’s crash in the Red Bull Batalla 2023

Accinowho has established himself as the best for years with a triple championship, failed in the quarterfinals against ChutyIn One of the most anticipated battles of the evening.

There are people who say that the victory in the battle is clearly due to the Mexican, thanks to rhymes like:

“You are Chuty, my friend, and Your greatest success is being compared to me» and “It’s excess talent, your excess training.” “The best, if freestyle is dead, I’m the best at its best.”

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At the end of the rounds, the judges voted 2 Chuty and 2 Accinoand they went to replica.

Chuty lifted people’s spirits with rhymes like: “Everyone knows I beat you, we’re already tired of this coercive dictatorship” and “You’re a three-time champion, and with just one I create more hope.”

Chuty’s Auction caused the audience in the Movistar Arena to explode so much so that Aczino’s last rhymes faded into applause for the Spaniard.

And so the three-time champion was only a few rounds away from the final.

The Mecha vs. Yoiker Controversy

One of the battles that caused the most controversy was the battle against Argentina wick with the Mexican Yoiker.

The native Mexican surprised with great quality in his flow, use of the Colombian lexicon and improvisation.

Although the fight was close, this was very clear to the public Yoiker’s shot had left the Argentine on the canvas.

“Poor thing, we already lost the damn mecha, I look like Milei, I knocked him out with my right hand.”

“Yoiker,” “Yoiker,” the audience chanted before learning the result. But only Arcángel raised the signal in favor of the Mexican. The other judges gave the fight to Mecha.

What followed was widespread booing, surprising even Mecha, who took exception to the outcome by pointing at himself and shaking his head.

The host asked the audience, “What’s up, guys?” as Yoiker left the stage. “We need heart and perseverance for everyone.”

“I Don’t Choose”: Mecha

At a press conference, Mecha spoke about what happened in his fight with Yoiker:

“I don’t have a clear idea of ​​the outcome. At the time I thought, “It’s a replica” or maybe I don’t know, I felt like they could give it to me. Then what happened happened (…) I’d like to cold-face it again and emphasize that I don’t choose, So don’t take me out again.

The next final of the Red Bull Battle It will be played in Spain, so the champions will play at home. Colombian debutants Fat N and Mecha secured a place in the next final.

Will Chuty continue to establish himself as one of the greats? Will we see the generational shift that has been so much talked about behind the scenes in this finale? There’s only one way to find out: See you in Spain in 2024.

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