This is how this Tiny House is for escaping the city

Discover this 18 m² Tiny House built in Spain, which with little space and without giving up comfort, is the new home of a couple who decided to reconnect with nature.

The style of construction of houses known as Tiny House has become very common in the United States and, little by little, they are colonizing other places on the planet.

This is the case of this house called Sanctuary, in Spain, located in the middle of a forest. Its size and amenities make it ideal for a weekend for two, to escape the city and reconnect with nature.

The design belongs to its owner, Anne, who has managed to create a nest with all the basic comforts.

Anne was born in Canada, but her mother is of Spanish origin, from Galicia. As a child, she spent most summers with her family in Spain, far from the Canadian cold.

Her dream was to return there as an adult, after meeting her husband she traveled a lot, but Spain was still on her mind. Finally, he fulfilled his childhood dream by building a Tiny House in the country of his childhood vacation.

After starting to cultivate the land of his ancestors, he finally settled there, in that little house.


The house is just 6.5m long and 2.5m wide, with a living area of ​​just 18m.two. And, as we have seen many times, having a small home does not mean lack of comfort.

Sanctuary has an open floor plan. The idea of ​​this design is to make people feel outside even inside the small house. So he added several windows that allow natural light to fill the house.

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The room is near a big window with an amazing view outside. That doesn’t stop homeowners from enjoying a double bed and plenty of storage.

Next to the bedroom is the living room with a sofa, a simple space designed to relax, read, contemplate nature or dine.

The kitchen is also on the ground floor and has a sink, a two-burner induction hob, a small fridge, microwave and lots of drawers and storage space.

Opposite the kitchen area is a dining area with two chairs and a folding table.

The bathroom has a generous shower with glass doors and a toilet capable of composting our feces.

Get to know her a little better in this video:

small houses and ecological they’re still a trend, and they’re probably here to stay.


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