This is how the last three messages that arrive on WhatsApp work, even allowing to share the screen in video calls

From time to time the messaging platform of Whatsapp introduce News and new featuress to adapt the app to new communication channels. In this sense, the app has several new features that will be available on the devices sooner or later. The most important of these is instant video messaging. After offering a quick and safe way to share the journey via voice notes, the meta app introduces nnew instant video messages This allows users to record and share short personal videos right in the chat.

Video messages are one possibility Answer chats in real time And show it in 60 secondsS. The type of use Video messaging is similar to sending a voice message. Just touch the voice icon to switch to video mode and hold to record the video. You can also swipe up to lock and record hands-free videos. Videos auto-play in mute when opened in a chat, and tapping it starts the sound.

Also, these video messages are protected by end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of your messages. As the platform reports, the implementation of video messages has already begun and will continue to do so available to all users in the next few weeks.

split screen

On the other hand, Meta added a new feature for WhatsApp that allows users Share the screen when a video call is in progressso that its members can see the same content as the interlocutor.

Except that the platform has been updated with new features for Group chats already supporting up to 32 participants, who can join at any time during the call, a feature has now also been added that allows them to view the content of the user’s screen. This was announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg via his Instagram channel, where he said they are adding the ability to share content this way on video calls.

In this case, users can Watch it right on your mobile phone and with this option, at the bottom of the interface, it will show who is the person sharing the content of your screen. To start screen sharing, click the Share icon and choose between sharing a specific application or allowing users to view the entire screen.

WhatsApp has thus announced that with this option – available for the desktop version and for “smartphones” – the mobile screen can be used in landscape format. When used on a computer, the other members of the group are placed at the top of the interface. On the contrary, it’s in there the right side where they are placed when it comes to mobile application version.

audio chat

The last feature that will radically change the way the app is used is the audio chat was developed by WhatsApp and according to WABetaInfo it will reach users in the coming days. These audio chats evoke a function similar to that which characterizes discordwhich can already be tested by some users of the latest beta version of the Android application.

The company started developing this feature in March of this year after months of work on the calling feature, which has been implemented in both its desktop version and its mobile apps. Now the WABetaInfo portal has found out that the platform has already made its breakthrough latest beta version, can be downloaded via Google Play and will be made available to more users in the coming days.

This new option will appear with a at the top of the screen wavy button, within a group chat where audio chats are enabled or where such communication has been started. As soon as this button is tapped, this voice chat will be started automatically and the app will show a special interface. Also, any group chat user can join this audio chat. Additionally, WABetaInfo commented that the Chats are automatically closed after 60 minutes when the voice chat – which maintains the platform’s end-to-end encryption – remains empty and no user has joined.

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