Home Sports This is how Sevilla FC negotiates with River Plate for Paulo Díaz

This is how Sevilla FC negotiates with River Plate for Paulo Díaz

Hispanics are still looking for a player with these characteristics and although they have not ruled out the conditions are very complicated

During this entry into the winter market on the continent, many references have been taken by the Sevilla FC, that from the hand of Monchi has hung multiple speculations, among them the one that links them with Paulo Diaz. Nothing more real than this, since there is interest, what cannot be guaranteed is viability.

The great Chilean central defender of River plate in Argentina he is a player who has gone through the whole process and is now consolidated. Not only on his team, but also on his national team. Subject by which its value has been raised, and For this reason, there are distant positions today.

Paulo Diaz Betis
Paulo Díaz interests Sevilla in a very accelerated way

The context that surrounds Paulo Díaz has led him to move away from Sevilla FC

With 27 years, and a past in eastern football, this defender with enormous characteristics to defend space is a long way from going to Nervión. You are not going to risk the stability you have in Argentina for a project where you know it will not be relevant. Behind Koundé and Diego Carlos is going to end up absorbed.

In addition, their growth has been such that Sevilla’s offer has not been taken in the best way. The people of Seville have stated that they put on the table a total of 9 million dollars, about 8 kilos in euros, which is far from the requirement of millionaires. From the south in America they seek to collect their clause, which is 20 million euros.

Monchi is still quite concerned about the need in the area

At the moment this news has been taken as a true blow to their aspirations. In the hands of the sports director, the tasks have been entrusted to make up for the lack of troops in that area. Koundé and Diego Carlos are the only natives, then Rekik comes as a lifeguard and the appearance of Fernando and Gudelj as eventuals.

What a situation, although as some media have referenced in Andalusia, it is not even the most specific case of need. Apparently they are going to look at the conquest of a forward before, before the escape for the African Cup of En-Nesyri and Munir, which leaves them lame with so much commitment ahead.

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