This is how Ranbir Kapoor’s Shamshera look was prepared, it took hours of hard work in makeup

Bollywood superstar Ranbir Kapoor’s next film, Shamshera, is under discussion. The trailer for Shamshera was recently released, which the audience liked very much. Meanwhile, now the creators have released the making video of Shamshera, in which you can see how Ranbir Kapoor’s characters from Shamshera and Balli were prepared. The makeup artist had to work hard on these Ranbir looks.

The creators of the movie Shamshera recently released BTS, that is, they made a video of this movie on YouTube. In this creation video, you can see how Ranbir Kapoor, who has the image of a chocolate boy, was molded into the strong character of Shamshera. Also, Ranbir Kapoor tells in this video that he had to work hard for this role, so he also sweated it out in the gym. Apart from this, this role was challenging for him. Not only that, for the two characters of his father and son in the movie Shamshera, the make-up artist used to prepare his look for hours. You can easily guess this from this video.

Ranbir Kapoor will make a different theme film on the big screen for the first time. After the trailer for Shamshera, everyone is looking forward to this movie. In such a situation, Ranbir Kapoor is now ready to return to the big screen for a long period of 4 years. Let us tell you that Shamshera will be released in theaters on July 22. Apart from Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Vaani Kapoor are present in important roles in this movie.

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