This Is How Much Aaron Judge Earns For Giving An Interview During A Game With The Yankees

Aaron Judge is today one of the most attention-grabbing players in Major League Baseball.

Therefore, any point of view or opinion of the ‘Judge’ be in the interest of fans to this sport.

With the intention of nurturing the closeness of the public with the players and in order to get to know them better, interviews were implemented during MLB games..

The league decided to encourage baseball players to carry a microphone and have them be interviewed while playing on the diamond.

How much do they earn for the in-game interview?

Started paying them every time they are selected for the in-game interview; according to the journalist New York Post, Andrew Marchandthe stars of the stature of Aaron Judge charge Up to $10,000 for being interviewed.

As reported by Marchand, the money comes from funds shared between the MLB and the Players Association.

These segments last about 10 minutes, a player like Judge earns around $1,000 per minute.

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