This is how Gavi was in the locker room after the injury

The atmosphere in the Spanish dressing room was like a funeral. Long faces, a very touched mood and a feeling of deep sadness were the common denominators of the Spanish team when Gavi arrived in the Nuevo Zorrilla interior after being substituted. Constant support from the medical directors Spanish Federationthe footballer couldn’t hide his tears after confirming the worst news.

The Blaugrana youth team was also supported from the very first moment the sports director of the RFEF, Albert Luque, aware that the moment the Spanish international was going through was very serious. The first scans were able to confirm the injury to his right knee and the world fell on Gavi, who could not hide his sadness.

After the game, his teammates hardly agreed with the player, whom they briefly greeted to encourage him and show him that they are by his side. The truth is that the internationals were very emotional and the atmosphere was dramatic. All the footballers were very affected by what had just happened to their teammate..

It wasn’t long after the game that Gavi left the facility, relying on crutches to get into the car with Albert Luque to travel to Madrid. There you take a private flight to Barcelona.

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