This is how FlexConnect, the latest Dolby Atmos innovation in sound enhancement, works

Some manufacturers allow you to use your TV’s speakers to complement audio from a soundbar or other speakers to improve overall audio quality. For example, Samsung has Q-Symphony and Sony Acoustic Center Sync.

Today Dolby announced a new Atmos feature that works in a similar way, pairing your TV speakers with any wireless speakers in the room. officially named Dolby Atmos FlexConnectthis technology will be introduced on TCL 2024 TVs.

Dolby states that FlexConnect “Intelligently optimizes the sound” depending on the room layout and the placement of the speakers. The company claims the technology will free users from the sound constraints of room size, furniture position, or outlet placement.

With FlexConnect you can place the speakers anywhere in the room and calibrate each one to the TV speakers. This creates a personalized and unique Dolby Atmos sound profile for each user’s home.

Dolby claims that setup is quick and easy The acoustic assignment is carried out using microphones inside the television. These components locate each speaker before performing the audio calibration mentioned above. The company states that the result should be more consistent surround sound no matter where you sit in the room.

FlexConnect isn’t limited to powering the center channel either. The function adjusts the sound from each speaker, including those in the TV. For example, if the system detects that a pair of speakers is at the front of the room, you can adjust the audio so that the TV handles most of the dialogue and the speakers handle the rest of the front soundstage.

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When two speakers are placed at the back of the room, the television takes over the dialogue and sounds that need to come from the front of the room.

One element that could play a key role in Dolby Atmos FlexConnect is interoperability. Both Samsung’s Q-Symphony and Sony’s Acoustic Center Sync require a compatible soundbar and TV. LG’s Wow Orchestra works the same way.

If this new technology is open to manufacturers incorporating it into their products like Dolby Atmos altogether, it would be great if users could pair a TV from one brand with a soundbar from another brand, for example.

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