Home Sports This is how Chris Paul enters the Warriors gear

This is how Chris Paul enters the Warriors gear

The arrival of the American to those of San Francisco can generate certain questions in his team

To the surprise of many, in one of the least expected movements in the NBA market, Golden State Warriors acquired chris paul via transfer. Those of San Francisco incorporated one of their biggest enemies to help them in what may be one of their last dances in the fight for the ring.

Despite everything that happened, the veteran point guard, Chris Paul downplayed it during his presentation as a Warriors player; What’s more, he blindly trusts that his adaptation will be a fact during the training camp. And so he revealed it in front of his followers who are waiting.

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Chris Paul is already preparing for his debut with Warrior where many wonder about the options of fitting into the quintet system

Chris Paul’s statements after his arrival at the Warriors

My family couldn’t believe it either, but at the end of the day it’s just basketball. I’m going to get into a situation with a group of guys who have been playing together for a long time. I’m not that worried about it. We’ll figure it all out in training camp,” Paul began by saying.

For this reason, he did not hesitate to continue with his statements: “You obviously don’t have the answers right now. We will train. I’m sure there will be things I have to learn about them and others that they have to learn about me, but that is the case in any team, ”he says.

The NBA point guard confirms that his age is not a problem to continue in the game

Questioned if this adventure in Golden State Warriors could be the last of his career, CP3 has decided to emphasize once again how much he loves playing basketball and how willing he is to show that age is not a problem to continue enjoying his sports career.

“This is a sport. This is fun. It’s also a job, but I can play basketball every day. and say that it is my way of life. I wouldn’t spend this time training, playing, jumping and away from my family, if I didn’t love them like I do. That is not going to change, ”she concludes.

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