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This is how Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband reacted to “Back to Black”, the singer’s biopic

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After the premiere of “Back to Black,” Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband already commented on the biographical film and spoilers: He liked it.

There is no doubt that the premiere of Back to blackThe biographical film about the life and work of Amy Winehouse sparked great expectations since it was announced. And of course, if we talk about the film, one of the most important voices that British music has given in its entire history. However, it did provoke some interesting comments, such as those from the singer’s ex-husband.

This is not a secret for anyone The artist had a rather complicated and stormy relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil. If you don’t know the gossip, They both met in late 2005 and although he and Amy were dating other people at the time, they decided to continue dating until they finally formalized their romance.. Although yes, their courtship would be an emotional rollercoaster.

We say this because after several months together Blake broke up with Amy Winehouse to return to his ex-girlfriend, with whom he had been cheating on her for some time. Since the breakup, the British artist has experienced a strong period of addiction and bulimia caused by the depression she faced. However, He decided to pour all his feelings into the recording of his second and final studio album: Back to blackdedicated to Fielder-Civil, whom he considered his true love.

After coming and going, Amy and Blake got back together in 2007 and married that same year.. But marrying him didn’t help the singer-songwriter at all, as she began consuming even stronger substances during this time.. Finally in July 2009 Fielder Civil – who served a prison sentence for assault, intimidation, blackmail and threats against the owner of a London bar – filed a divorce lawsuit against Winehouse.

This is how Amy Winehouse's ex-husband reacted to
Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil had a complicated relationship/Photo: Getty Images

Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband comments on ‘Back to Black’

Naturally If a biopic was to be made about Amy Winehouse, her relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil had to be addressed (Played in the film by Jack O’Connell, who you’ll remember for giving birth to James Cook.) Skins). However, We didn’t think the singer’s ex-husband was happy with the way he was portrayed Back to black.

In accordance with NMEBlake was the guest on the show Good morning Britain and there shared his thoughts on the Amy biopic, admitting that he found the film starring Marisa Abela “almost therapeutic” due to the way it was presented on the big screen…just like you read it.

Marisa Abela and Jack O’Conell as Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil in “Back to Black”/Photo: Universal Pictures

In an interview with presenter Kate Garraway, Blake Fielder-Civil said that some parts of Back to black They made him feel like he was being seen “in a more accurate representation” than he was used to. when it is mentioned in the history, life and work of Amy Winehouse.

“Not in the sense that they liberate us or leave us out, as was claimed… but in the sense that it wasn’t all about addiction. As much as that was the point of the headlines and the paparazzi, there was an addiction, but that was just one aspect. The relationship began the way all relationships begin.”

Amy’s ex-husband told Good Morning Britain

Blake Fielder-Civil thinks the film portrays his relationship with Amy very well.

During the same lecture Garraway noted that the film’s director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, had said she wanted to focus on what connected Blake to Amy. rather than simply focusing on your addictions. Still, the film received some criticism for portraying Fielder-Civil as a “Disney prince,” as the world has a very different perception of him in Winehouse’s story.

“The problem is that the story that was told, or the narrative, is something that I learned very quickly (as far as the film’s cast and crew were concerned) that they had no interest in repeating. “, mentioned Blake Fielder-Civil, who also added that Jack O’Connell approached him before the film began shooting to speak to him “out of respect.”

Finally, Blake said he is confident that this is the case thanks to the portrayal of his relationship with Amy Winehouse Back to black, The world and the singer’s family realize that there was true love between them: “I hope (Mitch Winehouse) sees that there is real love there. I love Amy and she loved me too. “If there was anything that could bring her back, of course I would.”

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