engineers of northwest university They created a smart mask called “FaceBit” which, in the words of its creators, is like a “Fitbit for the face”.

FaceBit is not a full face mask, but a sensor that can be magnetically attached to the N95 and surgical masks used by healthcare professionals.

FaceBit is dedicated to tracking various health metrics. The sensors on the small plate the team created can record user’s heart and respiratory rate through the mask to which it is attached.

Heart rate and respiratory rate data are uploaded to a companion smartphone app, allowing users to view their health data, just like wearing a Fitbit.

FaceBit also tracks the total time users wear masks and you can even tell the healthcare team when to take a break, since elevated respiratory and heart rates are often related to high levels of stress.

FaceBit can also alert users when the seal on the N95 mask they are wearing may have been broken. While it cannot directly verify that the face seals are still in place, it can detect bumps that would be strong enough to break them and alert the wearer that their mask may need to be fixed.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about FaceBit is its long battery life. FaceBit comes equipped with a built-in battery, which can collect small amounts of energy from sunlight and even the user’s breath and movement, giving him a Potential battery life of 11 days.

FaceBit has yet to undergo clinical testing, but has been released as an open source project so anyone can take advantage of the work the team has already done.


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