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This is Carlos Rodríguez, the genius who will make Contador and Valverde forget: the Tour de France is on fire

The young Spanish talent from Ineos who has become the new cycling sensation

Carlos Rodríguez, the talented Spanish cyclist from Ineos, has become the undisputed protagonist of the 2023 Tour de France. After two exciting alpine days, he is in an impressive third position in the general classification. His most recent feat was the exciting victory against great runners like Pogacar and Vingegaard, who were fighting for the lead in the descent of the Joux Plane.

“All I wanted was to go down as fast as possible to get away from Hindley and the other rivals,” Carlos said after crossing the finish line victorious. Hailing from the world of BMX, Rodríguez used all his downhill skills to distance himself from his competitors and maintain a secure lead towards victory. “When I caught them, I focused on continuing to go as fast as possible towards the finish line.

  carlos rodriguez
This young Spanish talent, belonging to the Ineos team and who is rumored to be running for Movistar next season

Carlos Rodríguez, the engineer who is already the new sensation of Spanish cycling

Besides, Carlos Rodríguez benefited from the constant marking between the two favorites in the general classification, allowing him to take advantage of a brilliant attacking opportunity. His outstanding performance from an early age, along with his training in teams led him to join the prestigious Ineos team in 2020, which from the beginning recognized his immense potential.

This potential came true in 2022 when he was crowned champion of Spain. However, that same year he suffered a crash that prevented him from reaching fourth place in the Vuelta a España, his first three-week race, finishing in seventh position. Although Rodríguez suffered an injury, he focused on preparing himself to be in good shape during the Tour de France.

The youngest national rider to win a stage in the “Grande Boucle”

In addition, Rodríguez showed his gratitude to his team and teammates, but reserved his greatest gratitude for his parents and family, who have supported him since he was young and have provided him with the necessary means to achieve his goals. This victory in the Tour de France is not only cause for personal celebration, but also highlights the good moment of Spanish cycling.

Spain has equaled the three successes obtained in 2015, when Joaquim Rodríguez “Purito” (2) and Rubén Plaza achieved a triplet for our country. “This shows that Spanish cycling is at a good level. You can’t always be the best at everything, but I want to make it clear to the fans that we all try to do our best and make them proud of what we do here.” Carlos Rodríguez, who has become the youngest national rider to win a stage in the “Grande Boucle”.

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