This fruit helps in the production of natural collagen

Diet can contribute to the production of natural collagen. The body produces this protein, which is the most abundant in the body and has many benefits for the skin, bones and muscles, but over time the amount of production decreases.

The body produces collagen from a combination of amino acids, nutrients from protein-rich foods, and other elements such as vitamin C, zinc, and copper.

The vitamin that helps fight wrinkles and produce natural collagen is vitamin C, although vitamins D and E also work very well against wrinkles. In addition, vitamin A acts as an adjuvant in collagen synthesis.

Fruit as a source for the production of natural collagen

Eating fruit is ideal for supporting the natural collagen production process. In addition to its rich and very sweet taste, it helps prevent disease and contributes to good nutrition.

One of the fruits that contribute most to this is the blackberry, a very popular fruit that includes up to 300 species More, to which the mulberry tree belongs; even species of the genus Ruby which include raspberries. These fruits have a long list of benefits for the human body, including increasing collagen production.

Collagen is a natural protein in the human body that helps strengthen bones and muscles, smooth skin, and reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. But it also helps prevent heart disease, osteoporosis and joint pain.

For this reason, experts recommend consuming foods that promote collagen production, such as meat, chia seeds, and even white tea.

Foods that provide these benefits to the body include blackberries and raspberries. According to the Spanish Nutrition Association, this fruit contains about 6.6% fiber per 100 grams, making it excellent for combating intestinal problems.

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In addition, it is a fruit that can be consumed in different ways: as a snack, as an ingredient in salads or as jam for breakfast.

A quick and easy idea to enjoy this fruit is honey blackberry pancakes mixed with your favorite yogurt or in a bowl of oatmeal.

natural collagen

Benefits of raspberries for the human body

Besides having a very sweet taste and being easy to find in fruit shops and directly in nature; Blackberries and raspberries are low-calorie and low-fat fruits.

It contains vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin E and is reported to contain up to 30% of the recommended amount in a single serving.

These fruits contain a large amount of natural pigments with high antioxidant properties that help neutralize the effects of free radicals that are harmful to our body.

It also helps reduce the risk of degenerative diseases by strengthening the immune system and having anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

According to a report in Nutrients magazine, blackberries and raspberries are the fruits chosen as a reference for maintaining healthy skin because they help increase collagen levels in the body, strengthen muscles and bones, thus improving overall health and that Improve hair growth. hair and nails.

foods to avoid

Just as there are foods that have a positive effect on the production of natural collagen, there are also other foods that do not contribute to maintaining good levels of this protein, such as: B. Sugar and refined carbohydrates, which can cause inflammation in the body and break down collagen in the body. This is also reflected in the condition of the skin, bones and muscles.

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