A bold step. The start-up Artur’In, which has developed a digital communication service based on artificial intelligence, has adopted, for all of these 80 employees, the creation of a paid sabbatical leave of two months, which will be in place from January 2023, reports The Parisian. It may be requested, at least six months in advance, by any employee on a permanent contract after three years of seniority in the company. For future parents, who would not have the opportunity to change their lives for two months, this sabbatical leave can be taken in the form of an additional paid day off for three years.

For Daphné Vauclin-de-Calbiac, director of human resources at Artur’In: “After three years in a position, we are often at the end of a cycle, we need renewal. “This is the reason for which we want to offer our employees the opportunity to take this break and prepare for their next career step”, she added. In addition to this good news, the employees of the start-up have obtained a sixth week annual paid leave.

“A sabbatical leave in priority to the oldest”

“It’s the most attractive measure. Since I’ve been working, I’ve never had two months in a row, and when I was a student, I did odd jobs in the summer. It will be a real break. J hesitate between joining a friend in South America to go horse riding, or traveling to Asia”, rejoices Laura Lelièvre, head of partnerships and resellers at Artur’In.

“We will open this sabbatical leave in priority to the oldest”, continues the HRD of Artur’In, specifying that it cannot be authorized for more than two people from the same department at the same time. When the employee is absent, the start-up will take care of reorganizing its missions, with for example a punctual recourse to CDD. “The first option may consist in distributing its tasks, or in redispatching its customers in the case for example of a customer success manager (customer relations manager), among other employees”, assures Daphné Vauclin-de-Calbiac, at Parisian.

The second option, continues the HR department, “since we are a growing company, is to hire earlier a person who we would have hired a month later, and to give him the client portfolio of the employee on sabbatical leave. A renewal of portfolio, organized by industry and by profession, this can be constructive,” she says.

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