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This foreign minister wants to recruit young people "french dropouts" from the suburbs

It is an idea that has not been unanimous and which, on the contrary, has provoked controversy. Karien van Gennip, the Dutch Minister of Social Affairs, indeed caused controversy on Tuesday June 14, by proposing that companies in her country recruit young unemployed people from the French suburbs to remedy the shortage of labor and “to put back on the right track”, relates the site of RMC.

“The youth unemployment rate is very high in France, especially in the suburbs. Much higher than what we know here,” she explained in an interview with the Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad (AD). “I could imagine that we invest in French dropouts, or for example Spanish, who leave school, to make them work here in catering or horticulture,” she added.

Is your department one of those where unemployment has fallen the most under Emmanuel Macron?

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An unfair measure for the Dutch unemployed

A statement that obviously did not go unnoticed in his country. While some parliamentarians believe it would be unfair for young unemployed Dutch people to see foreigners recruited in their place, far-right MP Léon de Jong has said it is “dangerous” to recruit young people from “ghettos”.

Despite the criticism, Karien van Gennip, who worked in France, stood by his words and clarified that no plan had been put in place by the Dutch government, reports RMC. The unemployment rate is around 3% in the Netherlands and the country is sorely lacking in manpower. During this interview, the Dutch minister also underlined the importance of migrants in the economy of her country. “I can’t imagine we can run our economy without them,” she said.


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