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This extraordinary booty of 700,000 euros found with criminals

A real Ali Baba’s cave: this idea must have crossed the minds of Bergerac police investigators when, over months of investigation, the list of their “findings” grew longer. In all, 7,000 objects from a more than eclectic collection were found, including works of art, ancient coins, collector’s weapons, ivory, jewellery, old books, manuscripts and even silverware. It all started with the theft of a safe in Bergerac in the Dordogne, says this article from the Figaro from Saturday May 7th. In 2021, three suspects are arrested. One of them is a numismatist. It is by carrying out searches in these individuals and in places linked to them that the investigators discover boxes, sheds, and especially nearly fifty caches which are full of treasures, describes France 3 in an April 27 article.

In all, nearly 7,000 objects are listed. They would be worth at least 700,000 euros, underlines the local media. The suspects, who have been indicted, “do not justify the legal or illegal ownership” of these objects, and do not explain “nor [les] circumstances of their acquisition [ni les] reasons for their detention”, details the police commander interviewed by Le Figaro. Some of these objects come from thefts, owners having already come forward, details the daily.

It is now a question of finding out who owns all the elements of this bric-a-brac. To do this, the Bergerac police have set up a website,, which lists all objects, and which allows anyone to claim ownership via a form, details the policy on the site. “You will of course have to provide proof of your good faith by producing a certificate of complaint or any other document or photograph”, takes care to recall the site. Before emphasizing, with a text in red, that the penalty incurred is one year’s imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 euros for any false certificate or certificate of ownership.


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