You are a huge Simpsons fan, this job is clearly for you. UK gambling site PlatinCasino has just published a job offer surprising, spotted by Vanity Fair and the New York Post. The selected candidate will have to watch all the episodes of the series in exchange for 5,000 pounds (approximately 5,800 euros), 88 euros to cover the expenses related to this task, such as internet and Disney + subscriptions, as well as a weekly box of donuts. . As a reminder, The Simpsons, created in December 1989 by Matt Groening, have no less than 33 seasons, or 709 episodes.

Objective for the lucky chosen one: to help PlatinCasino understand how well the series has succeeded in predicting several major events of recent years. For some observers, the program would have anticipated the election of Donald Trump and even the pandemic. “We thought we would put The Simpsons to the test and see if, after analyzing each episode, it can help us predict the future,” said PlatinCasino, who hopes to “see what 2022 will bring”.

The mission of the person selected will therefore be to analyze the 33 seasons as well as the derivative film of the series. According to PlatinCasino, it will take around eight weeks for him to view more than 280 hours of footage. During each episode, the professional will be asked to take notes on notable scenarios to help the company’s “team of prediction experts” assess the “likelihood of each happening” in real life.

To apply, you must be over 18, speak fluent English, have certain writing skills, have a computer, a television and have a certain love for The Simpsons, even if this last condition is not essential. “Applicants from all countries are welcome,” the announcement read. Applications are open until October 31.


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