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This couple met on Tinder and are in a relationship despite their age

This couple met on Tinder and are in a relationship despite their age

Willow and David are a couple that has been talked about on the internet after they decided to be in a relationship despite their age difference.

Like many people in the world, they used the dating apps Tinder to meet people without believing that love would arise between them.

The 23- and 63-year-old couple say they are experiencing true love while continuing to question their relationship on social media.

Users don’t stop questioning and criticizing her because Willow Sias is in a relationship with a man who is about 40 years older than her.

“I didn’t want to let anything outside influence me, I just wanted to get to know him as a person. “Let me see if I like you back before I allow any external factors to make me feel feelings,” the young woman said.


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David Simonini said they had a great connection on their first date, which allowed them to get together and have a whirlwind romance.

“It was an incredible connection. I fell immediately,” said this man, who is a well-known professional blackjack player and builder.

In fact, the couple moved in together after just three months of dating and are now, as they say, “happily in love.”

However, there are also people who say that Willow is only with him for the money and the luxurious lifestyle; so he can be your “sugar daddy.”

The two lovers decided to share their experiences through a TikTok account where they are seen traveling and enjoying luxury.

Their relationship is so serious that David has already proposed to her and they are now planning their wedding in Italy.

It is not the first time that a couple with such an age difference has gone viral and caused all kinds of controversy on the networks.

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