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Are you ready for 100 cockroaches in your home? If so, US company ThePestInformer is offering to pay you to do so, as part of a performance test for its new pest control method, reports NBC News. The North Carolina-based company is willing to pay volunteers $2,000. For this 30-day study, the company is looking for five to seven homes across the United States that are ready for cockroaches. “As technology advances, we are always looking for the newest and most effective ways to get rid of pests (cockroaches in particular),” ThePestInformer said in a statement.

The company wants to “test a specific pest control technique” by releasing around 100 cockroaches in five to seven homes. She wants to “evaluate the effectiveness of this treatment”. The experiment will last about a month, and if the cockroaches are not gone by then, more traditional treatments will be used, free of charge.


Company founder David Floyd told NBC News that he has already received more than 2,200 applications. The offer will remain open until July 31. To be able to apply, a few conditions must nevertheless be met: owning the house or having the written approval of the owner and not trying any additional treatment against cockroaches during the study. ThePestInformer also said it hopes to be able to test a dozen new treatments.

American cockroaches are one of the five most common species in the United States, according to Western Exterminator Co. Females lay eggs for 10 consecutive months after mating, which is about 16 eggs monthly, according to Pestech Pest Solutions. There are over 4,000 different types of cockroaches in the world.

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