“This can change overnight”

Yes Carlos Sainz If I had made a wish on the New Year, it probably would have been a lot like what happened in the desert. The man from Madrid achieved his first victory of the edition as soon as the start of the dakar for real And as if that were not enough, on his return to the bivouac, his family and the entire Audi family were waiting for him. It’s just the first stage, but the excitement of starting the race off right ended with applause and a first congratulations from father to son. Carlos Sainz Jr. was the first to recognize the work of the Bullfighter what has become “a very special day” for him. The reason? “This is the first time my family has come here and ending the day with this victory is the best way to do it. I am very happy that they can also live it”.

The welcome has been “fantastic”, both, as a stage where Carlos and Lucas have gone “without problems and having a good time”. Except for the moment when they got a flat tire: “We were afraid of getting another flat tire and getting into trouble. But halfway through the stage the terrain became more sandy and with dunes, and since then We pushed to recover time”. The attack went perfectly, “the car worked well and Lucas did a great job” to finish off a day that for Sainz “It’s just the beginning” of a whole Dakar with a lot of cloth to cut ahead: “Victories are nothing, it is super tight, there are only 10 seconds ahead of the second (Loeb)”. But what is ahead already gives them a certain advantage from which they will have to continue giving “the best of ourselves”.

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Sainz once again appeals for calm, maintaining the speech of all the previous days: “You have to have a cool head because this has only just begun, it can change overnight.” The demand that is expected from this rally is showing the most conservative version outside the car of the man from Madrid, but despite the fact that “a tough rally awaits them in which we want to continue like today”, once the helmet is put on all that prudence stays in words They are going to go all out and today is the clearest example.

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