This Bollywood beauty did so many difficult squats that Malaika’s sweat will be lost when you watch the video!

Fitness is considered a very important part of life for all of us. In such a situation, Bollywood celebrities not only attach importance to their physical condition, but are also often seen inspiring fans. Meanwhile, Urvashi Sharma, wife of Bollywood actress and producer Sachin Joshi, is seen sweating for hours in the gym these days. Urvashi is paying close attention to his physical condition even in the Corona period. Taking a break from his family life, Urvashi sweats a lot going to the gym. Urvashi (Urvashi Sharma Video) recently shared a video on social media. After watching this video, actress Malaika Arora, who is older than her age, will also sweat. This video from Urvashi Video is getting more and more viral on social media.

Urvashi (Urvashi Sharma Instagram) keeps sharing fitness posts on his Instagram, so his fans are quite surprised. In such a situation, a post by Urvashi is seen causing a sensation on social media. In the video, Urvashi (Urvashi Sharma Wait) is seen doing squats lifting the weight of 80 kg. For one thing, people are shocked after seeing this video, while some people are inspired by it. Let us tell you, Urvashi has not worked on movies after marriage.

However, she definitely helps her husband Sachin Joshi in the production and housework. Not only this, but he also takes good care of his children. Apart from all this, he knows very well how to take care of his health. Urvashi has the same beauty on her face even after marriage, but her weight has increased a lot after delivery. Maybe that’s why you work out for hours at the gym to tone your body again.

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