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This Bitcoin Strategy Gave Gregory a 138% Profit

Deze Bitcoin strategie leverde Gregory 138% winst op

The majority of Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto investors follow a simple buy-and-hold strategy with a long-term approach. French crypto enthusiast Gregory Gorand wants to break this strategy by, among other things, actively trading crypto. After years of experience, he has achieved an impressive return of 138.62 percent this year. His time-consuming process can also be replicated on the eToro trading platform, so you can easily benefit from his profits.

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Benefit from increasing BTC dominance

Gregory’s portfolio consists largely of Bitcoin. The convinced Bitcoin fanatic was undeterred by the ongoing bear market last year and built his overall position over several buying moments. The lion’s share of his capital went into Bitcoin as he expected Bitcoin to excel in the crypto market last year.

This expectation has been more than fulfilled as Bitcoin’s dominance has increased significantly this year. At the beginning of the year, Bitcoin took up around 42 percent of the crypto market, currently this share is almost 30 percent higher at just over 54 percent.

Bitcoin currently makes up 71.28 percent of Gregory’s portfolio. As altcoins he chose Solana (SOL), Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA). Solana in particular proved to be an excellent move. SOL is up around 357 percent this year.

However, Ethereum and Cardano, like much of the market, have not yet been able to outperform Bitcoin. Gregory’s decisions during the bear market are now paying off.

Actively trade cryptocurrencies and profit without any effort

As mentioned, Gregory is taking matters into his own hands to achieve even greater returns. His trading strategy is based on technical analysis and market research, combined with a deep understanding of the unique dynamics that shape the crypto landscape.

Gregory continuously monitors the crypto market; A task that many simply don’t have time for. With the eToro trading platform, time is no longer required to benefit from the trading expertise of Gregory or hundreds of other traders. Register for free using this link and start copying immediately.

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