This beauty had slapped Amrita Rao in public, said: ‘She deserves it’

On the one hand in the Bollywood industry where you see a deep friendship between the stars. So on the other hand, due to misunderstandings, news of catfights between actresses also keep coming up. Something similar happened with Esha Deol () and Amrita Rao (). In fact, the red-faced actress publicly slapped Amrita across the cheek from her. Isha herself had also confirmed this fact in an interview.

Actually the whole story is from the year 2006. When both of them were working together in Indra Kumar’s movie ‘Pyare Mohan’. That’s why there was a huge fight between the two regarding something. This fight escalated so much that Isha got angry and slapped Amrita Rao.

Discussing this with the Times of India, Isha once said: ‘One day after the pickup, Amrita abused me in front of the director Indra Kumar. Listening to it, I felt that now the line has been crossed. So I got mad and slapped him. But I don’t regret this. Because she used to deserve this because of her behavior. During this, Isha also told her that Amrita later apologized to her and Isha also forgave her. That’s why what happened between the two happened at that time, but now there is a good relationship between the two.

Please say that apart from them, Fardeen Khan and Vivek Oberoi were also seen in ‘Pyare Mohan’. This movie was based on the American movie ‘See No Evil Hear No Evil’.

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