This beautiful heroine of Akshay Kumar did not become a mother even after 19 years of marriage, the reason will surprise you.

Ayesha Julka has been a famous actress of her time. Although Ayesha is now moving away from movies, her social media presence is worth watching. Ayesha Julka keeps sharing the latest photos of her and videos of her for the fans of her. Ayesha Julka worked with superstars like Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Aamir Khan in her time. After marrying Sameer Vashi in 2003, Ayesha distanced herself from film. 19 years have passed since their marriage, but Ayesha has not yet become a mother. Even at the age of 50, she Ayesha has no children.

Ayesha herself has told why she does not want to be a mother. Along with this, Ayesha had also revealed that she wasn’t even in the mood to get married. Ayesha’s husband also supported her decision not to become a mother. Ayesha had said in an interview to E Times: “I thought I would never get married. I used to think if I didn’t get married, I could do a lot of things. Maybe because I was in a bad situation.” relationship. She affected me. I told my relatives about my decision. They also agreed. They had no problem with my decision.”

On the other hand, on the issue of children, Ayesha said, “I have been through many ups and downs in life. So when I told my husband about my way of thinking, he agreed. After the marriage with Sameer, we lived in two villages in Gujarat. Adopted. We take care of the food and education of 160 children there. I can’t bring all those 160 children to Mumbai and take care of them, so I like to enjoy that feeling by going to the village there. We have made this choice on our own. We made and we accept.”

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