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This astrological sign would be the most greedy

This astrological sign would be the most greedy

Not all astrological signs have the same relationship to food. And if there is one who will never ignore a good meal or a piece of cake, it is Taurus.

Indeed, people born between April 20 and May 21 are known to be very greedy. Taurus is a “gourmet and gourmet” sign, confirms astrocoach Nathalie Marcot.

“A great epicurean”

“He’s a great epicurean who loves to enjoy all the little pleasures in life. He likes good products and great wines ”, continues the specialist, also“expert in inner connection and couple relationship ».

So he never misses an opportunity to go to a restaurant to satisfy his taste buds and his appetite, but he also enjoys being behind the stove. He takes as much pleasure in eating as in preparing elaborate dishes and desserts, she says.

a creative side

The whole thing, “by paying particular attention to the dressing of the plate and to the decoration of the table because it has a very creative side”. If visual presentation is so important to him, it is because he is ruled by Venus, the planet of aesthetics and beauty.

Nathalie Marcot, who holds a chain Youtube, specifies on the other hand that the parts of the body associated with this sign of Earth are “the throat and the neck”. This is why he is sensitive to flavors and why, at home, the meal is a sacred moment, just like the sweet breaks.

Besides, this also explains the fact that he generally likes languid kisses a lot.

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